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18 January 2015 @ 12:38 am
Hello everyone! (^-^)/

I would like to seek help from anyone of you.. Can someone post the lyrics of Shougo's Song "NEVER"? (in Kanji, Romaji and English translation)

Pleaseeee.. :(((

I'm just a new fan of Shougo. I learned most of the news and happenings about him here in this community that's why I hoped that anyone of you can help me. (*^^*)

Thank you very much and I'm really sorry..
11 June 2014 @ 06:53 pm
Hey passers-by!

So I managed to iron out every trouble and I've just bought a ticket to my third (and last) live concert of Shougo! I'm going next Saturday 14 June, in Yokohama.

Anyway, this is kind of last-moment notice, but if anyone wants to support Shougo and own your own copy (copies) of his CDs, I can buy them and send them to you. Here you can check what you can buy >> http://ameblo.jp/sakamoto-shogo/entry-11863287518.html

Photo set > 500¥
This is me (1st CD) > 1000¥
Daijina Koto (2nd CD) > 1800¥
Simple (3nd CD, NEW!) > 1800¥

Shipment (Airmail, nonstandard-sized letter (51-2000g)) > ~670¥ / 860¥ (You can do the count here, I'm sending from Tokyo prefecture)

Please make conversions to your currency. I'd prefer payment of the exact sum (nothing more than what you buy + postal fees) to Paypal, if someone would have problems with that, we can discuss. (First make a payment, then I buy/send.)
Also people who are interested, if you have an account, please add me on facebook or twitter (prefers facebook) for faster/cleaner communication. My facebook twitter

First of all I will buy as much as how many people notice this here and want to order something. I'm in Japan till end of July though, so even if there's someone who would like me to send them something after the live I'm going to, there's a Japanese fan who I can buy them from and forward them to you (she doesn't send outside of Japan). That would make the order + postal fee from the Japanese fan to me (so ordered articles + shipment from Japan to you + shipment from the Japanese fan to me).

If someone's interested, either comment, send me a message, or add me on FB/twitter.
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16 February 2014 @ 04:33 pm
Hello everyone, if there's still someone in this community ^^; Shougo has returned over a year ago but because he's only doing small live events and self-published CDs, we who aren't Japanese don't get to enjoy his presence much at all. But thanks to everyone who still loves and supports Sakamoto Shougo even now💛

I'm currently in Tokyo doing student exchange and yesterday I went to his LIVE. My first live event which has something to do with my Japan-related fandoms x.^

I posted something about it on my tumblr here, but I'll repost it here too (I actually just fixed some mistakes from the tumblr post and added some more things to this post on LJ; sorry! >//< I didn't read it after writing it, I'm not a native English speaker and too used to slang to form proper sentences in some cases).

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I thought I should get it started before it gets out of hand! I won't translate the info on his LIVE or albums, but I'll still put them down here just for information. I will translate those when he has something to say to us.

And also, I'll translate a few posts now, then do the rest again. But I'll keep up with him! (^^) ENJOY!

19.03.13 ~ @Sakamoto_ShogoCollapse )

27.01.13 - @Sakamoto_ShogoCollapse )

27.01.13 - @Sakamoto_Shogo (INFO)Collapse )

30.01.13 - @Sakamoto_ShogoCollapse )

30.01.13 - @Sakamoto_Shogo (INFO)Collapse )

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20 March 2013 @ 11:48 am
You don't know how much happy I am to be continue updating this journal xD
First of all...

[Newest pictures]

Shogo will release his first mini album named "THIS IS ME"

4 心中叫
5.Something Brilliant Now ~ 弾き語り ~

And as he mentioned on this Twitter, this probably the photo for the CD jacket


He's now doing really well and working so hard everyday so keep supporting him okay? ^^
19 March 2013 @ 11:19 pm

So I have been waiting... and waiting all this while.

This past year.... I have been waiting. I kept showing him to various friends. I said this guy has left, but he'd be back. I know he would.

I told everyone he is my #1.



FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER @Sakamoto_shogo !!!

PS: I actually translated the first lot of his Twitter updates, but the post kind of went into moderation and I can't post again! D:

31 December 2011 @ 01:11 pm
Didn't see anyone post this on internet since last night so...

From his official site:

この1年、学業を優先し芸能活動を休止しておりました阪本奨悟ですが、 2011年12月31日をもちまして契約を終了することになりました。

阪本自身、夢への気持ちは変わらないながらも、 この仕事から一度離れ、ゆっくり将来の方向性を見極めていきたいという気持ちがあり、 何度も話し合いを持った結果、その気持ちを尊重するかたちをとる結論に至りました。



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03 November 2011 @ 10:51 am
Hello, I hate to say this but I'm here to sell off some Shogo merchandise. Kindly go here to see the following what I have for sale. Thanks!

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06 October 2011 @ 11:44 pm
Hello minna.. This is my 1st time posting something in here, so I'm sorry if there's any mistake I made.. I really didn't mean it..
Admins, please change or delete this post if you think this is irrelevant or broke the rules ^^;

Okay, so Black Pearl HardSub version is already out and you can check it in here please read the rules too..
And the subs gonna be locked after 3days...

Please feel free to post about this Black Pearl Sub news in other shougo's or Amuse related comm that I haven't posted.. ^^

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13 August 2011 @ 03:36 am
So I have finally decided to part with some of my Sakamoto Shougo merchandise. Here are what I have for sale:

1. First Photobook = $20 (USD)  SOLD
2. Kimi ni Puresento ~Part 2~ DVD = $10 (USD) SOLD

If anyone's interested, please feel free to message me. I ship from the US :)

Thanks and if this is not allowed in this community, I will just delete it.